Keeping 911 Local - While Flattening the Network

It's a well-known fact, in the enterprise space, that flattening the network to a centralized model can be more efficient, more resilient, and even offer more functionality to the end-user. Looking at that model from a network perspective, it applies to all industries. But even with the benefits that a consolidation project can bring, there are other impacts, that may not be initially perceived, that have to be taken into consideration.

The pressures to consolidate public safety

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Being Productive AND Hands-Free

As of September 2011, "Hands-Free" laws limiting mobile phones while driving to hands-free use only will be in effect in 8 Canadian provinces: Quebec, Ontario, New Brunswick, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, Nova Scotia, Manitoba and Newfoundland/Labrador. For business people on the go the question is - how do you maintain productivity under the new legislation?

When I was first faced with using hands-free technology only in the car, I definitely found it was a limiting to my

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Next Generation 9-1-1 is here. (Right?)

This past week is certainly been a busy week for emergency services and Next Generation 911. At the APCO show in Philadelphia FCC Commissioner Julious Genachowski announced, on Wednesday, his continued support for next generation 911 services and deployment, as he has since he took office; This time, however, the national press finally took notice.

Headlines this week brought the subject right over the top, taking it from reporting the actual facts to sensationalism where the facts

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The Four Stages of Social Media Adoption - Stage 4 - Anticipating

Are you ready to move into the future?

50 years ago, if a customer had a problem with a product or service, it was their responsibility to notify the offending company either in person or via mail. Time to resolution was lengthy and customers were required to put in a significant amount of effort to report their issues (source).

Since that time, companies have made it easier for customers to have their issues and concerns dealt with - call centres , web pages and email

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Be Sure to Write it Down!

For a successful Home Agent program, a written policy statement is a critical component of your foundation. Your policy lets everyone knows what to expect - agents, their supervisors, the director of customer care, and the IT department. Over the next few weeks we'll delve into the details of policy statements. Topics we will cover:

  1. Why you need a policy statement

  2. What to include - excerpts from various companies' policy statements

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