The Great E911 Debate @ IAUG Eastern Connect

the Hyatt Regency Newport on Goat Island.

Personally, I've been attending this conference since 1998 as a user, and in addition to meeting quite a few colleagues I now consider some of my closest friends, the information I obtained has been absolutely invaluable in my career personally, as well as for my employer.

For much of the past decade, I've been teaching E911 for the enterprise user, explaining how it works, how to manage it in your enterprise, and all of the little ins and outs of developing a manageable and cost-effective E911 solution. Over the years, as Product Manager for Emergency Services, I've had the opportunity to deliver the feature set in the call server itself, and work with several vendors to ensure their products aligned with the Avaya strategy.

This year, I decided to kick it up a notch. There is a plethora of information on how E911 works out on the web, but users are still tasked with purchasing and off-board solution that provides some of the ancillary functions such as IP device location discovery, and on-site notification. Comparing the various vendor choices, side-by-side, is not always an easy task; what I decided to do this year, is to host "The Great E911 Debate" where we will put the prominent E911 vendors, on a single stage together, with yours truly as the moderator asking all of the tough questions.

I'm pleased to announce that the following vendors have agreed to participate in this industry-first event.

911 Enable - Lev Deich
911 ETC - Bill Svien
Conveyant Systems - Tim Kenyon
RedSky Technologies - Ken Rosko

The format for this event, will be a simple one. Designed to bring out the information that is important for users to evaluate, and to separate the wheat from the chaff in an open, structured environment, leaving all the hype and drama at the door.

Each participant will be given 3 min. to introduce themselves, their companies, as well as provide a brief opening statement.

Each participant will be asked a series of questions by the moderator, of which they will each have 4 min. to respond. Questions will consist of issues raised by the moderator, as well as pre-submitted questions from the audience.

Finally, each participant will be given 3 min. to deliver a closing remark.

The knowledge and information that you obtain from this single event at the conference, may make your entire trip to Newport worthwhile. This is one of the intrinsic values that Avaya can deliver to you through its participation in IAUG. On a personal note, I'm looking forward to seeing all of you once again this year as I have many times over the past decade.

For more information on IAUG's Eastern Connect check out the IAUG Website HERE


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