Reporting Live from Fenway: Red Sox got game with Avaya

bases!). It is going to be rocking at fenway tonight, that is for sure.

My favorite part of tonight's game? I will be there, with my wife and parents. It is a special treat to catch a game with loved ones while in New England, where we don't travel nearly as much as I would like coming from the bay area, and my very first sox/yanks tilt. I am beyond excited and will be loving every minute.

As a diehard fan sox fan, you can imagine the thrill I got last week when I learned that Avaya had, been selected by the Boston Red Sox as their exclusive provider of next-generation UC and collaboration technology. These solutions improve the ability for staff to collaborate more easily and enhance services to fans. Carousel Industries, a Platinum-certified Avaya Connect Channel Partner, will install, manage and maintain the solution for the Red Sox.

My company and my team, joining together to do business, brought a special smile to my face. The red sox are generally thought of a smart organization across baseball (and really across sports), for their talent development prowess, their ability to maximize revenue from a historic, yet small, home park and effective use of sabermetrics, advanced stats that allow teams and fans to delve deeper into the game and players. Now they will be leveraging Avaya UC and collaboration technology for smarter communications throughout the organization and the millions of interactions with its many, many stakeholders.

Sam Kennedy, executive vice president and chief operating officer for the Boston Red Sox outlines the value the Sox anticipate from these smarter communication tools, "These new collaboration tools help us improve the fan experience and customer service by allowing our team -- regardless of where they are -- to communicate more easily and efficiently, all while reducing costs by eliminating expensive conference calling and toll charges,"

The tech details of this announcement
Avaya Aura® architecture and applications, including conferencing, mobility and contact center solutions, will help Red Sox staff work together more effectively regardless of their physical locations. The Avaya Flare® Experience will help provide an extra special touch to fans in luxury sky boxes and to the team's executives. Delivered on the Avaya Desktop Video Device, the Avaya Flare Experience can serve as a kiosk or personal communications device with quick and easy access to real-time communications and collaboration tools including desktop video, social media, audio/video/web conferencing, multiple directory access, presence, instant messaging, and contextual history. Traveling team members will have easy, real-time access to voice calls, features, directories, messages, etc. -- just as if they were in Fenway -- with their mobile devices tied into the team's Avaya Aura enterprise communications via Avaya one-X® Mobile and Avaya one-X Communicator end-user clients.

Key Takeaways :

- Avaya selected by the Boston Red Sox as exclusive provider of next-generation Unified Communications (UC) solutions.
- New business collaboration capabilities will support traveling staff during away games, scouting and training, as well as boost fan experience.
- Avaya Flare(R) Experience to provide multi-modal communications --voice, video, email, IM, Web interfaces -- in luxury sky boxes and for executives

Look for me at tonight's game; I will be the guy with a huge smile plastered on my face. Go Sox!